Woodinville, WA 2003

I admit it: I find people endlessly fascinating subjects to photograph.  Though I have had the privilege of making pictures of celebrated people: presidents, sports stars, actors, and corporate CEOs, I still love photographing friends and family. Sometimes, even when you intend to make just a few simple snapshots, you are surprised when something more develops.

This occasion was a recent summer party with a group of friends who share a love of equestrian sports. The pictures were not made as "professional" photographs. In fact, I was mostly playing with the camera in between enjoying good wine and good conversation. But I had some great subjects and some great light: what more could you want?

Kid's and young adults are always wonderful to photograph (at least when they are being themselves and not hamming for the camera). Most have not yet learned to hold experience at a distance: they are actors, not observers, of life.

I think this comes across in some of the pictures here. I hope you enjoy them.

All photographs: Canon EOS-10D, EF 24-70 f/2.8L